Sustainable car park for Chambèry

Q-Park Cassine Gare, at Chambéry station in Savoie, is a EUR 10 million smart and sustainable structure with 479 parking spaces on four levels. It is integrated in the public bus station and directly connected to the train station.

The car park is an exemplary building, it is sustainable, social and aesthetically pleasing. A footbridge from the rooftop walkway links several of Chambéry’s districts.

Wind turbines and natural ventilation

The eight silent wind turbines on the roof are a first in France. The slender shape turbines with vertical propellers were designed by the French company Eoli, and resemble banners. The power they generate is fed directly into the grid.

Lamp posts with LED lighting make the walkway safe after dark and there’s a rainwater recovery system for watering the planters, which resemble giant window boxes. The unique design also provides natural ventilation for the parking decks, minimising energy consumption as no mechanical ventilation devices are required.

Figure 9 Cassine Gare, sustainable mobility hub