Recyclable temporary car park

Venlo is home to Q-Park’s first temporary parking facility. The municipality of Venlo wanted an interim parking solution while plans are approved and implemented for the redevelopment of the Arsenaal inner-city area.

This car park provides an extra 260 spaces on four levels. There are 4 EV charging points and 3 parking spaces for people with reduced mobility (PRMs) near the pedestrian entrances. The location is convenient for Venlo’s residents wanting to visit local shops and it also serves as an ‘overflow’ car park on days when German tourists come to visit.

Figure 8 Q-Park Arsenaal, a temporary car park

Despite the temporary nature of the parking facility, it is a high-quality car park which fits perfectly into the streetscape. The car park is also built to be recyclable. This means that when it’s no longer needed in Venlo, after an expected eight years, it can be fully dismantled and used elsewhere.