Parking products

Short-term parking

We serve thousands of customers every day and most of them just take a parking ticket or use their bank card to access and exit our parking facilities. They visit us irregularly which makes it very convenient to use our services without having to register or log in.

As part of our efforts to create a better customer experience, increase parking convenience and enable customer interaction:

  • our partners provide access to our car parks by means of their apps;

  • our Q-Park Mobile App provides customer access based on ANPR.

For short-term parking customers to use these apps, they need to provide contact information and a payment option when they register.


The net revenue from our short-term parking services is EUR 319.7 million (2020: EUR 282.0 million). This represents 71% of our net revenue from parking activities (EUR 450.1).


Pre-booking services are a smart and responsible choice as they convert search traffic into destination traffic, allow for economic parking tariffs, and encourage parking at ring-roads which decreases traffic in inner-cities.

We offer a variety of pre-booking propositions to customers via our websites and we offer pre-booking solutions to commercial partners so they can serve their customers via their sites or apps.

With pre-booking options for events, it is easier to manage peak traffic flows while allowing audiences to enjoy a variety of events in urban areas.


In 2021, we now have 385 (2020: 290) parking facilities offering pre-booking services online, an increase of more than 30%.

Revenue from pre-booking is included in our short-term parking revenue.

Long-term parking

We offer a wide variety of season tickets for our customers who park with us frequently and who are looking for a more economic solution.

  • Nights + Weekend products for residents.

  • Flexible office solutions for employees.

  • Retailers may want a 6x24 hours solution.

As well as the traditional annual season ticket, we also offer season tickets for one month or quarter for customers wanting greater flexibility.


The net revenue from our long-term parking services is EUR 130.4 million (2020: EUR 138.3 million). This represents 29% of our total revenue from parking activities (EUR 450.1).