Central location in The Hague

The Malieveld in The Hague is a large park located at just a few minutes walk from the Central Station. The park is widely known in the Netherlands as the location of many large-scale demonstrations as it is also near the Dutch parliament. Malieveld is also used for festivals, funfairs, concerts and other big events.

Figure 5 Malieveld

Although this underground car park is in the city centre, it is easy to reach from the motorway. The car park offers 600 parking spaces as well as bicycle parking. Like many other of Q-Park's city centre car parks, this is an ideal location to park and switch transport mode to reach a destination in The Hague.

Q-Park Malieveld is at a tram stop and close to the train station where bicycle sharing schemes are available. Special offers make pre-booked parking for an evening out or weekend in the city attractive.

Figure 6 Park + Beach

It also serves as a mobility hub for Scheveningen beach as the nearest tram stop is only a one-minute walk. Decreasing traffic to the sea and increasing liveability and leisure opportunities for residents and visitors alike.