Q-Park Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR)

Q-Park has been creating annual sustainability reports, based on the GRI Standards, for more than a decade. The first ten years was about raising awareness and integrating sustainability in our day-to-day business. We benchmarked ourselves and ensured we were doing the right things right. We engaged with stakeholders and enhanced the transparency of our governance and of our impact on environmental and social issues.

Figure 1 Concession for a large suite of parking facilities – La Défense, Paris France

The next decade will be about developing and implementing shared solutions to work towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) together, and about progressing towards Europe's aim to be climate neutral by 2050.

Besides playing our part in the energy transition, we know we have a role to play in the mobility transition – moving towards zero-emission mobility. Keeping cities accessible and liveable with both individual and collective modes of sustainable transport, means a variety of public and private organisations must work together to integrate complex systems.

With our parking facilities, we contribute to the mobility transition as they are an essential part of the urban mobility infrastructure.

  • We collaborate with international and national business partners, with local authorities, our customers and employees to create a more sustainable, diverse and inclusive future.

  • We endeavour to use recyclable materials and to repurpose existing parking capacity.

  • We invest with a long-term perspective, increase the number of EV charging points and introduce digital solutions wherever possible.

  • We have been playing our part and contributing to sustainable mobility for more than a decade, and we will continue to seek innovative ways to help reach the common goal.

Figure 2 CSR progress since 2007