LED programme

We initiated our LED lighting transition programme in 2018. Over the past few years, we have invested considerably in refitting our parking facilities with energy-efficient fittings, smart controls and LED lighting. The accelerated investment enabled us to achieve ongoing savings and a lasting reduction in our carbon footprint.

Our quality LED lighting with smart controls provides good lighting levels in all areas of our car parks. We have more light in pedestrian areas, lower light levels on the parking decks and varying transitional lighting at the barriers to allow motorists time to adjust their eyes to differences in light levels. Smart controls mean we can easily switch off lighting in parts of a car park that are not being used.


In 2021, we completed our accelerated investment programme. Over the past four years we have installed energy-saving LED lighting and smart lighting controls in 350 owned and long-leased parking facilities. The chart shows cumulative numbers.

Chart 16 PFs with energy-saving LED lighting