Customer satisfaction

As products and services, parking habits and cultures differ across the Q-Park countries, it does not make sense to have a group-wide customer satisfaction programme or to conduct international customers satisfaction surveys. Instead, Q-Park countries conduct their own localised Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS). A country approach means survey techniques and questionnaires are aligned with country-specific circumstances and differing parking markets.

In 2021, various customer surveys were conducted in the Q-Park countries.

  • Denmark – parking behaviour survey.

  • France – customer satisfaction survey.

  • UK, IE, NL – pre-booking survey.

  • UK – season ticket survey.

Lessons learned

We know from previous customer satisfaction surveys that the primary reason for selecting a car park is the location and proximity to the final destination. This result was echoed in our 2021 surveys.

The pre-booking surveys conducted in the Netherlands, the UK, and Ireland showed that customers find the pre-booking service easy to use and are generally very satisfied with the service. More than 70% said they would use the service again. However, there’s always room for improvement: about 20% of customers indicated that the access and exit procedure with ANPR did not go smoothly.

The customer satisfaction survey conducted in France revealed some interesting results:

  • Overall satisfaction is high. Season ticket holders are the most demanding and the least satisfied. Customers who pre-book are the most satisfied.

  • Customers feel safe in the car parks, giving positive responses about the lighting, pedestrian gates and parking spaces.

  • Customers are more satisfied with signage, both inside and outside the car park than in the previous survey held two years ago.

There is always room for improvement, the surveys indicated a few aspects of our service where we could do better. Season ticket holders use our facilities the most and are perhaps the most critical. They indicated we could do better on car park cleanliness and unpleasant odours.

Contact with customer service from the car parks is with the QCR. Most customers are very satisfied with this control room service, however, we learned that our service was not up to standard when we are contacted by e-mail.

Google reviews

In 2021, all Q-Park countries are using the same platform designed to improve online visibility and the relationship with customers. It gives customers the opportunity to leave comments about a business they have visited, and it gives us a clear dashboard on our performance.

A Google review includes giving a score from one star (poor performance) to five stars (excellent service). Google reviews can be a useful customer feedback tool, as they:

  • improve search ranking and online exposure;

  • increase trust, credibility and provide feedback;

  • influence purchase decisions, improve click-through rates and convert more customers.

Figure 29 Google review dashboard

Another advantage of the platform is that we can:

  • automatically broadcast our parking facility information in the main directories, GPS, search engines, social networks and opinion websites;

  • centralise the customer reviews received and identify whether they come from Google, TripAdvisor or Facebook;

  • Report on reviews, analyse them and respond from a single interface.


  • 779 Q-Park entities listed.

  • 12,631 (2020: 10,867) Google reviews received.

  • Google Review Rating is 3.7 (2020: 3.7).