Commercial & Digital programme

Customers truly appreciate the convenience of planning for their trip, whether for leisure or business, from the comfort of their home or office before they start their journey.

Over the past few years we have invested considerably in our digital services. Our Commercial & Digital programme has enabled us to focus on developing the most impactful commercial digital pillars that support our business today.

Supported by our digital platform PaSS, which provides all relevant options for visitors to a car park, including pre-booking options and tailored propositions as well as information regarding parking tariffs and payment options, car park capacity, navigation, availability of EV charging and other services.

Our Commercial & Digital programme helps:

  • reducing the hassle of parking with a seamless, contactless, queue-less customer journey;

  • reducing search effort and search traffic during a customer's physical journey and close to their destination;

  • reducing paper tickets and receipts, plastic access cards, and cash;

  • reducing queues at access and exit barriers;

  • highlighting off-street parking options and enabling urbanisations to reduce inner-city congestion.

PaSS is our key

PaSS is the foundation of our digital services. It incorporates relevant information for our business, partners and customers, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and cashless and contactless payments.

Figure 23 Q-Park PaSS – our digital platform


PaSS ANPR forms the basis for our pre-booking service: the pillar supporting many of the other digital services we offer to commercial partners and customers.

We utilise our pre-booking technology in multiple ways. Besides our own propositions, we offer tailored partner and event propositions.

Our partners, such as restaurants and theatres, can create and promote their own parking propositions to meet the needs of their customers. It allows our mutual customers to plan their entire trip (including parking) before they embark upon their journey. And by creating flexible (price)options, customers may opt for parking near their destination, near public transport or at a more economic walking distance.

By means of the Q-Park Event Portal, event organisers can easily take advantage of our event propositions for event venues, such as parties, gatherings, exhibitions and sporting events. These deals enable our partners to offer parking at a reduced rate (their guests pay for parking themselves) or for free (post-paid invoicing), and a variety of possibilities in between.

The benefits of pre-booking are clear:

  • No ticket

  • No touch

  • No cash

  • No queues

Digital partnerships

Mobility partners can take advantage of our commercial and digital services too.

Off-street parking services can be integrated directly into our partners’ payment platforms. Partners can create their own place-day-time options quickly and easily.

We have a scalable and sustainable solution that allows cities, municipalities and other platforms to enable a vast variety of mobility choices and seamless end-to-end mobility solutions for end users.

Figure 24 A digital partnership example - RingGo (UK)

Together we improve the customer journey with more, smart and easy-to-use services in urbanisations, working towards urban accessibility and enhanced liveability.

Q-Park Mobile App

With the Q-Park Mobile App, our customers can experience seamless parking. They park conveniently and close to their destination with no need to endlessly search for on-street parking.

With ANPR they simply drive in and out of Q-Park car parks. That's it! The barriers open automatically when a registered customer enters the car park and these customers are charged for their parking session as they leave the facility.

The Q-Park Mobile App shows the customer's parking history digitally! No more management of paper receipts needed.

Figure 25 Q-Park Mobile App

We are proud of the progress we have made with our digitised commercial strategy. We will continue to develop our platforms to further improve our services to both our customers as our commercial partners.

Q-Park Fleet Portal

Fleet customers and season ticket holders also benefit from our developments. Our digitised commercial solutions enable us to be more flexible.

Fleet owners now have their own portal so they have more control over access privileges and can manage all their parking affairs themselves.

Figure 26 Q-Park Fleet Portal

Parking rights are managed via the Q-Park Fleet Portal and the Q-Park Mobile App. There is no need for plastic access cards, special tokens or paper tickets.

Naturally, fleet customers can still contact customer service if they need assistance.