Safe and secure parking

Mobility is not just about moving people and goods, mobility includes providing safe and secure locations where journeys start and end. Motorists want a safe and secure place to leave their vehicle and as pedestrians, they need to sense the safety and security of the location and surrounding environment.

Parking facilities must also comply with public health and safety regulations and meet ventilation and fire safety standards set by local governments.

Safety and security are embedded in the Q-Park philosophy and so are naturally incorporated in our quality in parking promise.

Safety and security are in our DNA

Whether we are partnering with project developers for a new build or cooperating with municipalities for repurposing and/or refurbishing parking facilities, safety and security are a fundamental part of our plans.

Standard features such as angled parking and wide spaces make parking quick and easy. Wide parking spaces also allow car doors to open without touching or damaging an adjacent vehicle. By placing our parking bays at an angle, we enable motorists to drive into a parking space in a single manoeuvre, without reversing.

Contingency planning

Where relevant, Q-Park parking facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art ventilation, smoke detection and fire prevention equipment. In the event of a fire or other emergency, the access shutters and gates close automatically while the exits open.

Good lighting

Good lighting not only enhances safety, it also gives our customers a sense of security. We have developed optimal lighting standards which we apply in new builds as well as renovations and refurbishments.

The lighting in our parking facilities is always a little higher than the statutory minimum.

Safety considerations for cyclists

We design separate routes for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. The ramp gradient for cars is too steep for cyclists and the pedestrian stairs are too steep for a cyclist to walk pushing their bicycle.

Bicycle entrances therefore have special lifts and/or shallow stairs with a smooth ramp for moving the bicycle up or down. Under our special schemes, which differ per country, companies can rent a secure enclosed bicycle parking area for their employees, allowing cyclists to park their bicycle in a dedicated area with lockers for helmets and extra gear.

Features outside the car park also enhance safety

Q-Park has developed a range of services to assist customers before they park. Via our websites and apps we provide directions, pre-booking options, pricing information, and the actual number of vacant spaces.

This helps customers plan their journey in advance. When people know where they will park, they programme their in-car navigation accordingly. This enhances road safety as motorists are not distracted while searching for a place to park in an unfamiliar city.

Figure 12 Glass features