Modernising parking at La Défense

Q-Park France acquired the concession for a large suite of car parks. The La Défense business district in Paris boasts 14 car parks with 21,500 parking spaces. Q-Park France won the eight-year contract with the commitment to modernise the parking facilities and upgrade the services. All this will contribute to transforming Paris La Défense into a post-carbon business district.

Q-Park’s modernisation programme will involve an investment of EUR 37 million. The focus will be on providing mobility hub services and encouraging emission-free and active transport.

Besides refurbishing the car parks, bringing them up to the Q-Park customer-friendly and energy-saving standard, the new and upgraded services will include:

  • secure bicycle parking, at least 800 spaces compared to 500 today;

  • charging stations for electric bicycles;

  • additional EV charging points creating at least 500 compared to 200 today;

  • adding last mile logistics solutions such as:

    • car sharing options;

    • Véligo – a secure shelter for bicycles.

Benefits for customers will include:

  • A smoother customer journey by implementing hand-free access using ANPR, new barrier equipment and improved services for season ticket holders and on-the-go customers.

  • A new interior and exterior design will improve visibility inside the car park which will benefit overall comfort and safety.

  • New signage to help visitors find their way, numbered parking spaces and QR codes to help motorists find their car again.

  • Measures to improve safety and security including CCTV, speed gates and secure pedestrian doors.